If the dredging sector is important for you, and you want to be future proof, join the transition towards zero emission dredging.

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Zedhub is a joint initiative of leading dredging companies, government and academia. Our mission is to enable Zero Emission Dredging before 2030. We jointly develop and implement new technologies, regulatory frameworks and assure economic viability. Our collaboration builds an (inter)national network of key stakeholders to enable the transition, jointly and by open innovation. Together we shape the future… and you can join us!

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ZEDhub community keeps expanding

We are delighted with the expansion of the ZEDhub community with new members. The partners provide a valuable contribution towards our goal: enabling Zero Emission Dredging in 2030.

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ZEDhub at Maritime Innovation Platform

At the network and conference event Maritime Innovation Platform, ZEDhub has organized and facilitated an inspiring session on the transition towards Zero Emission Dredging.

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